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The other 99%

Income Inequality

Over the last fifty years the top 1% of income earners took in about 12% of all incomes in this country. Now, the top take it 24% of all the income in this country. While the rich have been getting bonuses and golden parachutes the working class has been getting pick slips. Unions can agree to higher wages, Tea partiers can agree to higher wages, Conservatives that work for a living can agree to higher wages. This is an issue that unites us all.

The fact is when a few people control the income in this country that means that someone else looses their money. Because, there is only a certain amount of money in out economy. (i.e. Last year our GDP was 14.5 T) Why can the rich pay more in taxes to help the rest of the country. Why cant prosperous corporation give up subsidies to their private jets to help an American get a job? Why can’t the 2% of wealthiest income earners be patriotic and demand Congress to rise their tax rates? Why can’t oil companies give up billion in government money to plug the whole in the federal deficit? Why can we take away health-care from homeless individuals, and the poor and take away voting rights but give 700 billion to Wall Street? How come 5 million American won’t be able to vote in the 2012 elections, but multi-national corporations can donate unlimited amounts to political campaigns, but individuals can’t? Because of greed and corruption.

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This isn’t a Republican or Democratic issue. The 99% are loosing. The top 10% of income earners in this country control over 92% percent of the wealth. Leaving the rest of us with only 7% control. These are the facts. Every American worker should be fighting for higher wages, a fairer tax system, health benefits, weekends off, paid vacation, and fairness. The Occupy Wall Street rallies are getting the message across; the American public is fed up with income inequality, corporations and the rich cheating on taxes, and the corruption on Wall Street and in government.


Herman Cain’s tax plan is what is called the 9-9-9 Plan. The only clear thing people are getting out of it is that it includes a 9% flat tax on every income, a 9% national sales tax on everything that is bought in a store, and a 9% flat tax on businesses. One must understand that currently the tax system is set up in three brackets; 15, 25, and 35% tax brackets; we don’t have a national sales tax, and the corporate tax rate is 35% which businesses rarely even pay. I have no idea how much this tax system would bring in, but according the Center for Economic Policy and Research it would bring in about half the current revenue to the federal government. Also, the sales tax would be added to the already high state and local consumption taxes. In Massachusetts the state’s sale tax is 6.25%, and with Herman Cain’s tax reform plan now on everything I’d buy in a store I’d be paying 15.25%. This would decrease the amount that people would spend buying; don’t we need people buying products right now?

State General
Total With Max
Local Surtax
Groceries Prepared Food Prescription Drug Non-prescription Drug Clothing
Alabama 4% 10%          
Alaska 0.0% 7%          
Arizona 6.6% 10.6%          
Arkansas 6% 9.25% 1.5%+        
California 7.25% 9.75%          
Colorado 2.9% 8.0%          
Connecticut 6.0% 6.35%          
Delaware 0.0% 0.0%          
District of Columbia 6.0% 6.0%   10.0%      
Florida 6% 7.5%   9% (max)      
Georgia 4% 8%          
Hawaii 4% 4.712%          
Idaho 6% 6%          
Illinois 6.25% 11.5% 1%   1% 1%  
Indiana 7% 9%   9% (max)      
Iowa[34] 6% 7%          
Kansas 6.3% 8.65%          
Kentucky 6% 6%          
Louisiana 4% 9%          
Maine 5% 5%   7%      
Maryland 6% 6%          
Massachusetts 6.25% 6.25%   7% (max)     > $175
Michigan 6% 6%          
Minnesota 6.875% 7.775%   9.75% (max)      
Mississippi 7% 9%          
Missouri 4.225% 9.241% 1.225%        
Montana 0.0% 3%          
Nebraska 5.5% 7%   9.5%
Nevada 6.85% 8.1%          
New Hampshire 0.0% 0.0%   9%      
New Jersey 7% 7%          
New Mexico 5.125% 8.5625%          
New York 4% 8.875%          
North Carolina 4.75% 7.25% 2% 9.25% (max)      
North Dakota 5% 5%          
Ohio[35] 5.5% 7.75%          
Oklahoma 4.5% 8.5%          
Oregon 0.0% 5%          
Pennsylvania 6% 8%          
Puerto Rico 5.5% 7%          
Rhode Island 7% 7%   8%      
South Carolina 6% 9%   10.5%      
South Dakota 4% 6%          
Tennessee 7% 9.75% 5.5%        
Texas 6.25% 8.25%          
Utah 5.95% 8.35% 4%        
Vermont 6% 7%   10%      
Virginia 5% 5% 2.5% 5%+      
Washington 6.5% 9.5%   10% (max)      
West Virginia 6% 6% 3%        
Wisconsin 5% 5.6%          
Wyoming 4% 7%          
Color Explanation
  Exempt from general sales tax
  Subject to general sales tax
7% Taxed at a higher rate than the general rate
3% Taxed at a lower rate than the general rate
3%+ Some locations tax more
3% (max) Some locations tax less
> $50 Taxed purchases over $50 (otherwise exempt)
  No state-wide general sales tax



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Issues we should ALL be able to agree on

1. Every person should have health insurance

2. Every one should earn a fair wage

3. Everyone should receive a excellent education

We should have the decency as human being to be humane and allow everyone to get medical treatment and prevention. Everyone should receive a fair wage, not just the minimum wage. Everyone should have the chance to be whatever they want. We need to make college more affordable. If we can’t agree on these three ideas America is screwed. How can we be fair and deny these basic human rights; health, money, and education to people. Money or social status shouldn’t limit what one can do. America is not the country that lets people die because they can’t afford medical treatment? America isn’t a country that allows veteran to be homeless? America isn’t the country that allows people to be paid barely a wage? Are we? I cry at night thinking of the people in this country that have been denied these rights. How can we be a country that allows the uninsured to die?

FDR’s dream second Bill of Rights;

The right to a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the nation;

The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation;

The right of every farmer to raise and sell his products at a return which will give him and his family a decent living;

The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad;

The right of every family to a decent home;

The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health;

The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment;

The right to a good education.


The goals of the current Republican presidential field

GOP Debates Word Cloud

I think the Republicans have made it pretty clear what their goals are. They don’t want to improve the economy. They don’t care about reducing taxes for the middle class. They don’t care about strengthening Medicare, Medicaid, or Social security. Their goals are to empower the corporations and the very wealthy to take over America. They want an America with a boom and bust economy. They want a country where seniors will have to pay 7,000 more a years in health-care premiums, so they can give massive tax breaks to the wealthy and multi-national corporations. These stupid people are taking over our country. They are limiting people’s right to vote; not allowing people to terminate their pregnancy even if the women could die giving birth to the child. Our country is being taken over by radical Republicans who are spreading their religious based ideologue across the country. Their single goals are to make the corporations bigger and more profitable; even if it means taxing the poor more, or taking benfits away from the middle class. There is a war against the middle class and poor right now we must fight! The income gap between the rich and poor has never been larger.

Corporations have a strangle on our political system. They have lobbied and succeeded in paying almost no taxes through adding their own loopholes to the tax system. They have deunionized their workers. They’re denying benefits to their workers. Profits are held to a higher importance than the American worker. We must bring back the days of Unions and FDR’s trust busting. We need to go back to the days when one income could pay the bills, buy a car, and send a child to a good college. Todays even with two incomes many families can’t afford these fundamentals. We must bring middle class incomes up, just as fast as the rich’s income is shooting up. We must fight for universal health-care. REPUBLICANS ARE THE PARTY OF THE CORPORATIONS MORE THAN EVER IN HISTORY, AND WE MUST STOP THEIR RADICAL AGENDA.


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A new New Deal


The bridges, roads, schools, airports, ports, dams, waterways, energy system , and our aviation system all need to be upgraded. This is fact; if we don’t do this we will be economically un competitive.  We need schools that are safe, energy efficient, and structurally sound. We need airports that are safe, and energy efficient, and an aviation system that efficient for the air traffic controllers and the planes that navigate this system. Right now planes have to criss-cross the country from one satellite beacon to another. Doesn’t it make sense to have one system that allows the plane to travel one straight course? This is why we need to invest in infrastructure. We need bridges that won’t collapse. Every investment we make will create jobs. America is falling apart, and we can’t keep letting our infrastructure fail and crumble away.

Why invest now?

  • Low interest rates: Right now interest rates are at near zero rates, so any money we borrow will cost little to us to pay back.
  • Jobless recovery: Right now we need jobs! Infrastructure creates jobs because construction workers will be paid to improve the roads, rebuild schools, or rebuild an air traffic controller tower. Construction worker need jobs! Every person who can find a job will take it.
  • Low impact of deficit: infrastructure spending adds to the debt once in a lump sum type of payment. This spending won’t add to the deficit over the long-term.
  • Economically competitiveness: Many other developing country are spending more in intrastructure than we are. If we have bad roads, bridges, and aviation system who’s going to want to do business with us?

The People’s Budget: Porgressive Causcus’s FY2012 Budget

Putting America Back to Work and Restoring American Competitiveness

  • Education

In addressing the nation’s long-run fiscal challenges, investments in education enhance the long-term growth potential of the economy by investing in the skills of our present and future workforce. The nation’s human capital can be increased in many ways, including through formal and informal education, experience gained over time on a job, and training in the workplace. Front-end investment in Pre-K, K-12 and higher education is the most important contribution we can make to our economic growth in the long run. A more skilled workforce can produce more, and higher-skilled workers tend to earn higher wages.

  • Transportation

Rebuilding our highways and waterways will create jobs in the short term and is at the heart of our international competitiveness in the long term. Our budget dramatically increases transportation outlays through a surface transportation reauthorization bill as outlined in the president’s 2012 budget request.

  • Infrastructure

The new Infrastructure Bank will provide loans and grants to support individual projects and broader activities of significance to our nation’s economic competitiveness. For example, the IBank could support improvements in road and rail access to a West Coast port that benefits farmers in the Midwest, or a national effort to guarantee private loans made to help airlines purchase equipment in support of the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). A cornerstone of the IBank’s approach will be a rigorous project comparison method that transparently measures which projects offer the biggest value to taxpayers and our economy. This marks a substantial departure from the practice of funding projects based on more narrow considerations.

  • Energy Independence

With only 3% of the known oil reserves in the world, the United States cannot become energy independent or measurably affect the world price of oil simply by drilling more within our borders. We need to set loose the clean energy industry that is ready to take hold if we make the public investments in transportation and storage. Our budget will unleash American ingenuity and talent to build a new clean energy economy in which the United States will regain its rightful place as a world leader, move energy independence and address our global warming challenges.

  • Housing

The middle of a historic recession and a “jobless recovery” is not the time to cut support for affordable housing. Investments in housing are one of the most potent job creation tools we have, because every dollar invested in housing creates two dollars and twelve cents in additional economic activity and induces as much as seven additional dollars in indirect economic activity. Providing housing not only reduces the rate of homelessness, which costs state, local and federal governments tens of thousands of dollars for every homeless family, but provides the vital backbone for creating long-term economic viability for every family in America: a place to call home.


Why the Wisconsin election hurt

Unions are the pride to true Progressives. Unions are what have made the American worker great. The Wisconsin people had the chance to tell the Republican what they thought of their attack on Unions. What did the Wisconsin people say? Let’s give those good GOP Republicans another chance; this is insanity. Why would any American worker vote for a Republican; it’s like a chicken voting for Cornel Sanders. We have to stop this attack on Unions. Teachers, firefighters, EMT, and police officers need collective bargaining. This destruction of America. Worker need a voice, and that voice is being destroyed by massive multi-national corporations and their counter-part the grand GOP. The Wisconsin elections were hopefully sending a message to stop Scott Walker from his anti-worker agenda, but Republicans still won these elections. One must remember that there is still a slim majority in the WI Senate, 17 Republicans, and 16 Democrats. This fight started in Wisconsin, but there will be national implication. Other states are considering, and have passed similar Union busting laws. The only place were Unions are still strong are the public sector, and if these Unions are dissolved businesses and corporate America will have won their battle. This has been the Republicans goal from the beginning to destroy the American worker while boosting corporate profits; allowing the business to thrive, but diminishing the freedom and income of the American people. Progressives need to fight on this issue. We can’t let the corporations keep busting up Union it simply can’t happen!


How to save America from corruption

Steps to free America from corruption:

1. Reverse Citizens’ United

2. Reform the banks

3. Tax the rich at FDR levels

4. Unionize the private and public sector fully

5. Reduce the size that corporations and the banks can be based on their assets.

6. Publically finance political campaigns.

7. Lobbying reform

We need to get the money out of politics. The only way politicians will listen to the people they represent is if they are funded by only their constituents. We need to get the lobbyists out of Washingtonso that politicians do what their moral tells them is best forAmerica, not some corporate fraud. We need clean politics; people that care about the good of the American dream, the American middle class, and who aren’t worried about reelection. We need politicians to stop signing stupid pledges NOW! We need political leaders to think independently, not based on what someone else tells them. Every pledge should be identified and investigated. Where are the Congressional hearings about Grover Norquist? The American people can’t let their government be bought by big business. We must fight, and demand for our government back. Corruption is consuming this country. Let’s stand with the Progressives to fight the big banks, big business, and pass at least the DISCLOSE Act if nothing better. Let’s stand with Progressives and fight to save Unions, and take this country back from the rich. Lobbying is increasing, tax rates for the rich decreasing, corporate profits soaring, while America’s middle class’ wages are decreasing and food and energy prices are soaring. Stand with Democrats and Progressives to fight corporation and stand with the middle class. Progressives must break the beltway.

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Verizon strike is a good thing

Hear it yet? Verizon workers are striking because they have not yet reached a deal to extend their contract. This is a good power to have protesting companies trying to deny their workers right to health care, a retirement fund, and higher wages. These workers need to fight for their rights. Democrats should use this opportunity to show the power of Unions, and the strength they have given to the middle class for almost 100 years. Progressives should take this chance for unitization of the country. Everyone who wants to should be able to associate with other workers to collectively bargain with their employer whether it is the federal government, a small business, or a multi-national corporation. The right to fair working standards should be a fundamental right of workers. This Verizon strike hopefully will be union news maker of “Wisconsin” and this hopefully will really wake people up about why Unions are what built the middle class, and the American dream. We must fight to bring back the American dream, and fight the massive greed of our unpatriotic corporations. The Progressives can win this battle!

The Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Worker, the union of Verizon workers, has been working with the Verizon Company to negotiate an agreement since June. These unions represent nearly 45,000 Verizon communication workers. The two sides have failed to reach consensus on health care costs, pensions, and work rules. 91% of the communication workers’ union were in favor of the strike. Verizon has seemed unwilling to budge of their position for union concessions.


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