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Bain Capital

Why are the Bain attacks fair game? This is the question that many Republicans are asking themselves right now. That Obama needs to stop many cry, as they demand that the President’s comments have been degrading the his office, and that an apology must be issued to the Romney campaign.

These ads from the Obama Camp. are completely fair game, and let me tell you why. Romney constantly claims that he is qualified to be president because of his work at Bain. This claim has led to scrutiny from the left. Obama claims to be running to further his own agenda, because he feels his experience as an incumbent, and his work with community organizing strengthens his positions and credentials as president.

Both Obama’s record and Romney’s work at Bain should be anaylzed and examined. Both have had faults, and successes. Since Romney claims his owrk at Bain allows him the insight to how the economy works, his record there should be scutinized to see if he did in fact created jobs, which in some cases that did occur. But the larger point here is the point that Bain was not started to create jobs, but to keep businesses afloat; whether that added workers, cut jobs, cut workers pay, healthcare, and pension, or had no affect on the worker. Romney was not CEO of this private equality firm to create jobs, but to increase profits of Bain, and other companies, because at the end of the day whether firms Bain acquired lost jobs or added jobs Mitt Romney always profited.

^ The history of Presidential tax returns; take a look if you have a chance.

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Gov’t insurance may actually be..better?

And you thought all talk of a public option health insurance plan was dead. But no, Rep. Pete Stark (D-Calif.) asked the Congressional Budget Office to crunch the numbers on a public plan, funded by premiums, not taxes, and they found the following:

“The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that the public plan’s premiums would be 5 percent to 7 percent lower, on average.”


“CBO and the staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) estimate that the proposal would reduce federal budget deficits through 2019 by about $53 billion.”

The next year would probably save another $15 billion, for a total of $68 billion shaved off the deficit by 2020.

So maybe talk of a public option should be revived. At least, if you’re a deficit hawk.

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The hate from the right

This is not just the normal partisan bickering that goes on in Washington DC what is going on now is hate for the president, and his office. This is nothing like we’ve seen in the past. I’m not saying Republicans have to agree and do whatever Obama wants, but I am saying that Republicans need to start negiotating with the President. Obama was atleast ready to negiotate. My message to Washington; WORK TOGETHER. This is not the way our democracy was supposed to function. We are being sold out to big business, the Chamber of Commerce, and big money. WE CAN STILL SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND DEMOCRACY. Every democrat must stand behind Obama. LIKE IT OR NOT OBAMA IS YOUR MAN. STAND BEHIND HIM OR VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY. IF YOU ARE GOING TO VOTE FOR OBAMA STAND BEHIND HIM LIKE HES YOUR GOD, BECAUSE HES THE ONLY THING STANDING IN THE WAY OF REPUBLICANS AND THEIR RADICAL AGENDA!!!!!

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We must stop on worker who choose to serve their community.

Emmy from Ohio is one of the many people who offered a personal story in response to Mitt Romney’s proposed job cuts for teachers, police officers, and firefighters:

“My parents are teachers, and when I was younger, I would hear their stories at home after school was out. While they graded papers and put in extra hours of work ‘off the clock,’ they would share some of the difficulties they were having getting books for their classes of 30 or more students. They both taught for over 30 years because they knew they were making a difference in the lives of each student that they had. Even to this day, my parents will hear from former students who have given them credit for inspiring their occupation.

“My parents live a very modest life. They aren’t rich, aren’t reaping the benefits of a ‘privileged’ life from being a public employee. We didn’t get our college paid for, a new car on our 16th birthday, or anything else special. As public employees, my parents put in more than their share of time.

“Now is not the time to be cutting back on the basic needs of public employees—the ones who help teach the children of the future, the ones who come to our aid, the ones who keep our streets safe.”

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The dream is not dead

The dream is not dead, Obama is still our man. We must not loose hope, because the WHite Housewill be ours. Never loose hope, never give in. Sitting back and accepting that fate cannot be avoided is what causes upsets. We must rally, we must fight to win our future and keep Obama where he belong in Washington DC. FIGHT PROGRESSIVES FIGHT. This is a call to everyone who values education, our seniors, and our veterans. WE MUST FIGHT TO PROTECT OUR RIGHTS THIS A CALL TO ALL. VOTE THIS NOVEMENBER RALLY FOR OBAMA AND FIGHT FOR CHANGE WITH ALL YOUVE GOT WE CAN WIN THIS. But we must perserver with guided hope and valor.

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Let’s get the money out of politics

By Dylan Ratigan

It’s time to get things done and finally get money out of politics. Our Washington insider Jimmy Williams is now preparing a Constitutional amendment to get big money from special interests out of our political system. We all know that they buy access and influence through campaign contributions, and benefit from the big payoffs (examples: Wall Street, health care, banking) and, of course, provide a lucrative revolving door to soften the blow when elected officials leave office.

Steps are already being taken by some big names. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz urged fellow CEO’s and campaign donors this week to boycott campaign contributions until the parties actually do something constructive to fight long term fiscal concerns and the jobs crisis. Former PA Gov. Ed Rendell has said he will support it as well:

There are so many legislators who have said to me, gosh, if I could vote in secret, I could vote for your proposal Governor because I know it’s the right thing to do. But I can’t do it. The other side will raise money on it and kill me. And that’s what’s so important — it is so important to get the influence of money out of politics. Because if you get the influence of money out of politics, we will get people who will actually vote their conscience. And I think that’s extraordinarily important. You’re right to say it’s not the lobbyists… but it is the money that perverts the entire process…. I would be interested in Jimmy’s drafting the amendment.

Jimmy is hard at work on our amendment, but we want to hear from you. What do you want to see in this amendment? What else do we do to get money out of politics? Send us a message via this form or email us at, and we’ll post the best ideas on Monday and Tuesday.

We have already gotten a huge response from all over the country about this amendment. Here’s what people have to say:

Robert Wilson: “Fostered by the influence of money at every level of government, compromise suffers. Nothing ever really gets done. Whether problems are social or economic or whether policies require regulation or deregulation, the job of governing our country should be entrusted to those who aren’t tempted by money. The current system is an insult to the Founding Fathers.”

Gordon: “The corporate manipulation of politics is actually counter to the “free market” concept where the market is free to determine which businesses provide real value to the consumers. A truly “free market” is based on transparency and free from the collusion of lobbying and back room deals.”

Karen Rose: “Imagine if 100 million people not only signed on to asking for a Constitutional Amendment, but also took a pledge vowing not to vote for ANY national candidate unless they voiced public support for this amendment. Corporations may be people in the eyes of the SCOTUS, but, as of yet, they still cannot vote, WE DO!”

In the meantime, be sure to follow Jimmy on Twitter for the latest on our amendment — let him know you appreciate his hard work!

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I’m willing to compramise how about you?

Republicans; before you say that liberals don’t listen to you stop and think for a minute. Democrats have comprimised with you on every issue from health care, to taxes, to the budget, and the deficit reduction plan. We’ve reckoned with you, and tried to iron out the defferences. Liberals have had to give up a lot of their own ideas to try to get Republicans on board with these ideas. The Republican party is nothing more that a destructive party having no more objective than getting Obama out of office. Cap and trade was a Republicans idea, but now they say no when Obama proposes it. The individual mandate is a Republican idea, but when Obama signs it in to law its unconstitutional. Under Clinton Republicans supported PAYGO rules for fair and honest budeting, but when Obama approves of that policy they’re against it. Liberals have listened to your ideas. Liberals have comprimised. Now it’s you turn. Republicans it time to stop obstructing and actually try to do something. By this time during Nancy Pelosi’s term she had passed 100 bills, but the Republicans have only passed 16. Republicans are the one’s not interested in the ideas of the Democrats. Stop it with the lies. As soon as the Republican party comes back from loony land the country will be in a much better place.

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