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The top ten things about Conservatives

1. Even when facts are given to them they still don’t admit they’re wrong.

2. They sugar coat their radical positions.

3. They argue over everything.

4. They have misinterpreted many things about U.S. history; i.e. the founding fathers.

5. They aren’t willing to compromise.

6. Their only solutions to ever problem of America is tax cuts, and less regulation.

7. They say they’re for freedom, but only for when it suits them. (i.e. voting rights, abortion, gay marriage.)

8. They say they’re for competition, but only when it benefits business. (i.e. single payers health-care, public option)

9. They talk about liberal like they’re trash un-American.

10. They can never admit that maybe they’re wrong.

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Posted by on August 14, 2011 in Republicans