The hate from the right

15 Jun

This is not just the normal partisan bickering that goes on in Washington DC what is going on now is hate for the president, and his office. This is nothing like we’ve seen in the past. I’m not saying Republicans have to agree and do whatever Obama wants, but I am saying that Republicans need to start negiotating with the President. Obama was atleast ready to negiotate. My message to Washington; WORK TOGETHER. This is not the way our democracy was supposed to function. We are being sold out to big business, the Chamber of Commerce, and big money. WE CAN STILL SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND DEMOCRACY. Every democrat must stand behind Obama. LIKE IT OR NOT OBAMA IS YOUR MAN. STAND BEHIND HIM OR VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY. IF YOU ARE GOING TO VOTE FOR OBAMA STAND BEHIND HIM LIKE HES YOUR GOD, BECAUSE HES THE ONLY THING STANDING IN THE WAY OF REPUBLICANS AND THEIR RADICAL AGENDA!!!!!

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