We must stop on worker who choose to serve their community.

13 Jun

Emmy from Ohio is one of the many people who offered a personal story in response to Mitt Romney’s proposed job cuts for teachers, police officers, and firefighters:

“My parents are teachers, and when I was younger, I would hear their stories at home after school was out. While they graded papers and put in extra hours of work ‘off the clock,’ they would share some of the difficulties they were having getting books for their classes of 30 or more students. They both taught for over 30 years because they knew they were making a difference in the lives of each student that they had. Even to this day, my parents will hear from former students who have given them credit for inspiring their occupation.

“My parents live a very modest life. They aren’t rich, aren’t reaping the benefits of a ‘privileged’ life from being a public employee. We didn’t get our college paid for, a new car on our 16th birthday, or anything else special. As public employees, my parents put in more than their share of time.

“Now is not the time to be cutting back on the basic needs of public employees—the ones who help teach the children of the future, the ones who come to our aid, the ones who keep our streets safe.”

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