I’m willing to compramise how about you?

18 Aug

Republicans; before you say that liberals don’t listen to you stop and think for a minute. Democrats have comprimised with you on every issue from health care, to taxes, to the budget, and the deficit reduction plan. We’ve reckoned with you, and tried to iron out the defferences. Liberals have had to give up a lot of their own ideas to try to get Republicans on board with these ideas. The Republican party is nothing more that a destructive party having no more objective than getting Obama out of office. Cap and trade was a Republicans idea, but now they say no when Obama proposes it. The individual mandate is a Republican idea, but when Obama signs it in to law its unconstitutional. Under Clinton Republicans supported PAYGO rules for fair and honest budeting, but when Obama approves of that policy they’re against it. Liberals have listened to your ideas. Liberals have comprimised. Now it’s you turn. Republicans it time to stop obstructing and actually try to do something. By this time during Nancy Pelosi’s term she had passed 100 bills, but the Republicans have only passed 16. Republicans are the one’s not interested in the ideas of the Democrats. Stop it with the lies. As soon as the Republican party comes back from loony land the country will be in a much better place.

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One response to “I’m willing to compramise how about you?

  1. art rosenzweig

    August 18, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    lies and crap: all the financial drama recently has been lies and crap, signifying only who thinks they are important. just shoving money around, worthless shit. nothing produced, no one fed. and obama can’t tell the difference. he is our ruinous failure, we are so brain washed. it’s we who are unreal.


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