What our country would be like under President Bachmann

17 Aug

1. People who were gay wouldn’t be able to marry who they loved.

2. Corporate tax rates would plummet, but their greed and mistreatment of workers would soar.

3. Taxes for everyone would decrease.

4. These massive tax cuts would force the government to cut almost every program it has.

5. Healthcare for 30 million Americans would be repealed.

6. A Balanced Budget Amendment would be put in place.

7. Abortions would be illegal; even under cases of rape incest, and harm to the mother.

8. The economy would get worse because of reduced spending.

9. The last 50 years of Democrat achievement, such as Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid would be thrown away to the greed of Wall Street and the private sector.

10. Wages of Americans workers would be decreased. This women has protested individuals who have high salaries.

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