The new Republican party

12 Aug

The only thing I gathered from the Republican debate last night was that Republicans are for a couple things;

1. Tax cuts

2. Less regulation

3. Cut, Cap, and Balance

4. Privatizing the big three

The only argument they seem to have is that Obama should be a one term president because he’s a failed leader, and a socialist! Let me remind the Republicans that Obama passed almost universal healthcare; that will decrease the deficit, he said that he ordered his executive branches to look into decreasing their regulation that are outdated, and he signed a historical effort to reduce the debt. Now, the debt bill I wasn’t in support of, but my point is that Republicans will never support Obama on any issue, because as Bachmann said clearly last night their only goal is to see Obama a one term president.

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Posted by on August 12, 2011 in Debt, Taxes


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