What the “Super Congress must do; for Progressives

11 Aug

1. Create an economy that creates atleast 300,00+ jobs per month.

2. Create and economy with a minimum 4% increase in GDP growth rate.

3. Allow all Bush tax cuts to end.

4. Means test Medicare, and Social Security.

5. Add a 4.5% surtax on individuals making above 250,000 to help pay for entitlement programs.

6. Increase the negotiating power of the federal government on healthcare.

7. End too big to fail, and trust bust too big to fail corporations.

8. Add a tax on risky financial tools; such as derivatives and credit default swaps.

9. Enact a public option.

10. End the corporate loopholes that allow some businesses to pay nothing in taxes.

10. Put in place a cap-and-trade programs that forces the private sector to innovate.

11. Enact the Congressional Reform Act of 2011.

12. Force corporations to bring back foreign profits, and use those profits to fund the rebuilding of America.

13. Reform the financial institutions that brought as to where we are today.

14. End NAFTA, and bring the jobs home to America.

15. Repeal of the Citizens United case.

16. Enact malpractice reform.

17. End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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2 responses to “What the “Super Congress must do; for Progressives

  1. art rosenzweig

    August 13, 2011 at 4:19 am

    the last people’s party here was the anarchists of the 1880s, destroyed by ike’s famous “military/industrial complex”. and the ever-present frontier diluted community energy. we are not a nation/community, our main ethos is alienation thru individualist ambition. corporate alienation of workers has become our center, our landscape, and the tea party recognizes its power lies in selling government to its cash cow, the corporations. what an opportunity to thumb its nose at the america that has left it behind!!! ‘we’ll show you!’ they may have had more community under the confederacy than they do now, more opportunity to be “a real man”, not just a cog in the machine. unfortunately, we progressives are pretty much also just cogs. we look to government to make almost everything happen. see anyone building our power?

  2. art rosenzweig

    August 13, 2011 at 5:33 pm

    because obama didn’t call it a tax, his health insurance mandate is now on the block in the courts. damn him!!! maybe only a black man would need to court his implacable enemies!!! that’s his achillies” heel, and now ours, i’m afraid. he has screwed us all!!!


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