Why the Wisconsin election hurt

10 Aug

Unions are the pride to true Progressives. Unions are what have made the American worker great. The Wisconsin people had the chance to tell the Republican what they thought of their attack on Unions. What did the Wisconsin people say? Let’s give those good GOP Republicans another chance; this is insanity. Why would any American worker vote for a Republican; it’s like a chicken voting for Cornel Sanders. We have to stop this attack on Unions. Teachers, firefighters, EMT, and police officers need collective bargaining. This destruction of America. Worker need a voice, and that voice is being destroyed by massive multi-national corporations and their counter-part the grand GOP. The Wisconsin elections were hopefully sending a message to stop Scott Walker from his anti-worker agenda, but Republicans still won these elections. One must remember that there is still a slim majority in the WI Senate, 17 Republicans, and 16 Democrats. This fight started in Wisconsin, but there will be national implication. Other states are considering, and have passed similar Union busting laws. The only place were Unions are still strong are the public sector, and if these Unions are dissolved businesses and corporate America will have won their battle. This has been the Republicans goal from the beginning to destroy the American worker while boosting corporate profits; allowing the business to thrive, but diminishing the freedom and income of the American people. Progressives need to fight on this issue. We can’t let the corporations keep busting up Union it simply can’t happen!


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