How to save America from corruption

09 Aug

Steps to free America from corruption:

1. Reverse Citizens’ United

2. Reform the banks

3. Tax the rich at FDR levels

4. Unionize the private and public sector fully

5. Reduce the size that corporations and the banks can be based on their assets.

6. Publically finance political campaigns.

7. Lobbying reform

We need to get the money out of politics. The only way politicians will listen to the people they represent is if they are funded by only their constituents. We need to get the lobbyists out of Washingtonso that politicians do what their moral tells them is best forAmerica, not some corporate fraud. We need clean politics; people that care about the good of the American dream, the American middle class, and who aren’t worried about reelection. We need politicians to stop signing stupid pledges NOW! We need political leaders to think independently, not based on what someone else tells them. Every pledge should be identified and investigated. Where are the Congressional hearings about Grover Norquist? The American people can’t let their government be bought by big business. We must fight, and demand for our government back. Corruption is consuming this country. Let’s stand with the Progressives to fight the big banks, big business, and pass at least the DISCLOSE Act if nothing better. Let’s stand with Progressives and fight to save Unions, and take this country back from the rich. Lobbying is increasing, tax rates for the rich decreasing, corporate profits soaring, while America’s middle class’ wages are decreasing and food and energy prices are soaring. Stand with Democrats and Progressives to fight corporation and stand with the middle class. Progressives must break the beltway.

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Posted by on August 9, 2011 in Corruption, Economy, Taxes, Workers' Rights


One response to “How to save America from corruption

  1. hotshot bald cop

    September 1, 2011 at 12:10 am

    My ideas exactly!


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