Where are the jobs?

08 Aug

The last month has been about the debt, the struggling stock market, the debt ceiling, but where were the American people? The Tea Party campaigned on jobs, jobs, jobs, but once they got into office their policy was about debt, debt, and debt. The discussion in Washington should be about what’s best for the American people; creating jobs, rising wages for the middle class, increasing availability of health insurance, and allowing every citizen to have equal opportunity for success. Wake up Republicans and release a jobs plan! The President has put ideas on the table; an infrastructure bank, a payroll tax holiday, extending unemployment insurance, trade deals, and patent reform. Maybe you can actually do the right thing for America. Sometime, maybe you can put the country first instead of trying to defeat President Obama.  I’m begging for Republicans to release a jobs plan, and think of the 14 million American you could help. The President has already created 2 million jobs. Republicans that line about Obama creating no jobs is a lie, and you know it. You wanted Obama to release a proposal during the debt ceiling crisis now you can release your own on how to create jobs; which is the REAL issue facing this country not debt.

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Posted by on August 8, 2011 in Economy


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