A broken U.S. Senate

03 Aug

The Senate is broken. There are 100 senators that serve in that chamber of Congress, and now to pass any law there needs to be 60 members voting “aye.” This process is called a filibuster. The filibuster is not a bad procedure; it’s purposes is to extent debate and let the American people, and members of Congress learn more about a specific bill. Now it’s only purposes to kill different bills that Republicans object to. The filibuster has been used by Republican senators to block nearly every bill that has come fourth from the House; during the Democratic control of Congress during the 110th and 111th sessions of Congress.

You can see that the filibuster has been used more times this session than ever in history. The filibuster must be used to extend debate. During the good old days once a member of Congress filibustered a bill they would talk, and talk, and talk, until they eventually stopped and let the bill pass with only a majority vote. They would bring in the cots and members of the Senate would sleep in the chamber. This is only an idea of the past. But I hope the filibuster can be restored to it’s original purpose. I beg.

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