Bain Capital

Why are the Bain attacks fair game? This is the question that many Republicans are asking themselves right now. That Obama needs to stop many cry, as they demand that the President’s comments have been degrading the his office, and that an apology must be issued to the Romney campaign.

These ads from the Obama Camp. are completely fair game, and let me tell you why. Romney constantly claims that he is qualified to be president because of his work at Bain. This claim has led to scrutiny from the left. Obama claims to be running to further his own agenda, because he feels his experience as an incumbent, and his work with community organizing strengthens his positions and credentials as president.

Both Obama’s record and Romney’s work at Bain should be anaylzed and examined. Both have had faults, and successes. Since Romney claims his owrk at Bain allows him the insight to how the economy works, his record there should be scutinized to see if he did in fact created jobs, which in some cases that did occur. But the larger point here is the point that Bain was not started to create jobs, but to keep businesses afloat; whether that added workers, cut jobs, cut workers pay, healthcare, and pension, or had no affect on the worker. Romney was not CEO of this private equality firm to create jobs, but to increase profits of Bain, and other companies, because at the end of the day whether firms Bain acquired lost jobs or added jobs Mitt Romney always profited.

^ The history of Presidential tax returns; take a look if you have a chance.

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Gov’t insurance may actually be..better?

And you thought all talk of a public option health insurance plan was dead. But no, Rep. Pete Stark (D-Calif.) asked the Congressional Budget Office to crunch the numbers on a public plan, funded by premiums, not taxes, and they found the following:

“The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that the public plan’s premiums would be 5 percent to 7 percent lower, on average.”


“CBO and the staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) estimate that the proposal would reduce federal budget deficits through 2019 by about $53 billion.”

The next year would probably save another $15 billion, for a total of $68 billion shaved off the deficit by 2020.

So maybe talk of a public option should be revived. At least, if you’re a deficit hawk.

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The hate from the right

This is not just the normal partisan bickering that goes on in Washington DC what is going on now is hate for the president, and his office. This is nothing like we’ve seen in the past. I’m not saying Republicans have to agree and do whatever Obama wants, but I am saying that Republicans need to start negiotating with the President. Obama was atleast ready to negiotate. My message to Washington; WORK TOGETHER. This is not the way our democracy was supposed to function. We are being sold out to big business, the Chamber of Commerce, and big money. WE CAN STILL SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND DEMOCRACY. Every democrat must stand behind Obama. LIKE IT OR NOT OBAMA IS YOUR MAN. STAND BEHIND HIM OR VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY. IF YOU ARE GOING TO VOTE FOR OBAMA STAND BEHIND HIM LIKE HES YOUR GOD, BECAUSE HES THE ONLY THING STANDING IN THE WAY OF REPUBLICANS AND THEIR RADICAL AGENDA!!!!!

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We must stop on worker who choose to serve their community.

Emmy from Ohio is one of the many people who offered a personal story in response to Mitt Romney’s proposed job cuts for teachers, police officers, and firefighters:

“My parents are teachers, and when I was younger, I would hear their stories at home after school was out. While they graded papers and put in extra hours of work ‘off the clock,’ they would share some of the difficulties they were having getting books for their classes of 30 or more students. They both taught for over 30 years because they knew they were making a difference in the lives of each student that they had. Even to this day, my parents will hear from former students who have given them credit for inspiring their occupation.

“My parents live a very modest life. They aren’t rich, aren’t reaping the benefits of a ‘privileged’ life from being a public employee. We didn’t get our college paid for, a new car on our 16th birthday, or anything else special. As public employees, my parents put in more than their share of time.

“Now is not the time to be cutting back on the basic needs of public employees—the ones who help teach the children of the future, the ones who come to our aid, the ones who keep our streets safe.”

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The dream is not dead

The dream is not dead, Obama is still our man. We must not loose hope, because the WHite Housewill be ours. Never loose hope, never give in. Sitting back and accepting that fate cannot be avoided is what causes upsets. We must rally, we must fight to win our future and keep Obama where he belong in Washington DC. FIGHT PROGRESSIVES FIGHT. This is a call to everyone who values education, our seniors, and our veterans. WE MUST FIGHT TO PROTECT OUR RIGHTS THIS A CALL TO ALL. VOTE THIS NOVEMENBER RALLY FOR OBAMA AND FIGHT FOR CHANGE WITH ALL YOUVE GOT WE CAN WIN THIS. But we must perserver with guided hope and valor.

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The other 99%

Income Inequality

Over the last fifty years the top 1% of income earners took in about 12% of all incomes in this country. Now, the top take it 24% of all the income in this country. While the rich have been getting bonuses and golden parachutes the working class has been getting pick slips. Unions can agree to higher wages, Tea partiers can agree to higher wages, Conservatives that work for a living can agree to higher wages. This is an issue that unites us all.

The fact is when a few people control the income in this country that means that someone else looses their money. Because, there is only a certain amount of money in out economy. (i.e. Last year our GDP was 14.5 T) Why can the rich pay more in taxes to help the rest of the country. Why cant prosperous corporation give up subsidies to their private jets to help an American get a job? Why can’t the 2% of wealthiest income earners be patriotic and demand Congress to rise their tax rates? Why can’t oil companies give up billion in government money to plug the whole in the federal deficit? Why can we take away health-care from homeless individuals, and the poor and take away voting rights but give 700 billion to Wall Street? How come 5 million American won’t be able to vote in the 2012 elections, but multi-national corporations can donate unlimited amounts to political campaigns, but individuals can’t? Because of greed and corruption.

File:Personal Income by Race.png

This isn’t a Republican or Democratic issue. The 99% are loosing. The top 10% of income earners in this country control over 92% percent of the wealth. Leaving the rest of us with only 7% control. These are the facts. Every American worker should be fighting for higher wages, a fairer tax system, health benefits, weekends off, paid vacation, and fairness. The Occupy Wall Street rallies are getting the message across; the American public is fed up with income inequality, corporations and the rich cheating on taxes, and the corruption on Wall Street and in government.


Herman Cain’s tax plan is what is called the 9-9-9 Plan. The only clear thing people are getting out of it is that it includes a 9% flat tax on every income, a 9% national sales tax on everything that is bought in a store, and a 9% flat tax on businesses. One must understand that currently the tax system is set up in three brackets; 15, 25, and 35% tax brackets; we don’t have a national sales tax, and the corporate tax rate is 35% which businesses rarely even pay. I have no idea how much this tax system would bring in, but according the Center for Economic Policy and Research it would bring in about half the current revenue to the federal government. Also, the sales tax would be added to the already high state and local consumption taxes. In Massachusetts the state’s sale tax is 6.25%, and with Herman Cain’s tax reform plan now on everything I’d buy in a store I’d be paying 15.25%. This would decrease the amount that people would spend buying; don’t we need people buying products right now?

State General
Total With Max
Local Surtax
Groceries Prepared Food Prescription Drug Non-prescription Drug Clothing
Alabama 4% 10%          
Alaska 0.0% 7%          
Arizona 6.6% 10.6%          
Arkansas 6% 9.25% 1.5%+        
California 7.25% 9.75%          
Colorado 2.9% 8.0%          
Connecticut 6.0% 6.35%          
Delaware 0.0% 0.0%          
District of Columbia 6.0% 6.0%   10.0%      
Florida 6% 7.5%   9% (max)      
Georgia 4% 8%          
Hawaii 4% 4.712%          
Idaho 6% 6%          
Illinois 6.25% 11.5% 1%   1% 1%  
Indiana 7% 9%   9% (max)      
Iowa[34] 6% 7%          
Kansas 6.3% 8.65%          
Kentucky 6% 6%          
Louisiana 4% 9%          
Maine 5% 5%   7%      
Maryland 6% 6%          
Massachusetts 6.25% 6.25%   7% (max)     > $175
Michigan 6% 6%          
Minnesota 6.875% 7.775%   9.75% (max)      
Mississippi 7% 9%          
Missouri 4.225% 9.241% 1.225%        
Montana 0.0% 3%          
Nebraska 5.5% 7%   9.5%
Nevada 6.85% 8.1%          
New Hampshire 0.0% 0.0%   9%      
New Jersey 7% 7%          
New Mexico 5.125% 8.5625%          
New York 4% 8.875%          
North Carolina 4.75% 7.25% 2% 9.25% (max)      
North Dakota 5% 5%          
Ohio[35] 5.5% 7.75%          
Oklahoma 4.5% 8.5%          
Oregon 0.0% 5%          
Pennsylvania 6% 8%          
Puerto Rico 5.5% 7%          
Rhode Island 7% 7%   8%      
South Carolina 6% 9%   10.5%      
South Dakota 4% 6%          
Tennessee 7% 9.75% 5.5%        
Texas 6.25% 8.25%          
Utah 5.95% 8.35% 4%        
Vermont 6% 7%   10%      
Virginia 5% 5% 2.5% 5%+      
Washington 6.5% 9.5%   10% (max)      
West Virginia 6% 6% 3%        
Wisconsin 5% 5.6%          
Wyoming 4% 7%          
Color Explanation
  Exempt from general sales tax
  Subject to general sales tax
7% Taxed at a higher rate than the general rate
3% Taxed at a lower rate than the general rate
3%+ Some locations tax more
3% (max) Some locations tax less
> $50 Taxed purchases over $50 (otherwise exempt)
  No state-wide general sales tax



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Republican flip-flops and lies

Individual Mandate

The Republicans had a good idea back in the day requiring people to buy health insurance. This policy was developed because they didn’t feel that they should not have government offer single payer healthcare. Their solution requires people to be responsible and buy health care insurance. This was based on the idea that everyone has a responsiblity to protect themselves, and other people from higher health insurance premiums. During the 93′ healthcare debacle Orin Hatch the right-wing conservative proposed this idea in Clinton’s plan.

Find it weird that once Obama support a Republican developed idea they claim it’s unconstitutional? I don’t.

Cap and Trade

When debate host Gwen Ifill asked Palin whether she supported capping carbon emissions, her answer was unequivocal:

“I do,” she said. “I do.”

Cap and trade, yet again, is a Republican idea. They felt that the government should get out of businesses way, and allow the government to set a cap on the amount of carbon emissions, and then allow the private sector to trade their cap on emissions.

After Obama supports this conservative developed idea Plain blasted her own policy;

“I am deeply concerned about President Obama’s cap-and-trade energy plan, and I believe it is an enormous threat to our economy,” she wrote on July 14, 2009. “It would undermine our recovery over the short term and would inflict permanent damage.”

Is it policy or poltics? I wonder.


We may have a good development on getting facts into the Republican party, but it may cost the middle class.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., “has never believed that this type of temporary tax relief is the best way to grow the economy,” said spokesman Brad Dayspring.

David Camps of the Ways and Mean Committee even finally admitted that tax cuts add to the deficit. But, here’s the problem they want a tax cut for the middle class to end, but they never mention that their tax cuts for the rich are adding trillion to the deficit. The Bush-era tax cuts will add 4 trillion to the deficit over a ten-year period. Republicans stop this non-sense. They have now shown that they care more about corporation and the richest in America rather than the middle class.


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